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The bugger's still broke.

In message <4e9bda64.349e23ab@aol.com> MHLIGGINS writes:

> I thought of that.  But actually, I don't need a compression gauge to know
> there is no compression.  The sound of the engine is different when there is
> compression.  You can HEAR the difference in pitch as the starter slows down
> as the compression builds up in a cylinder, especially when the other four
> plugs are out.  My normal policy is to let the cylinder pass TDC 6-8 times
> when I check compression.  This is done by listening to the starter whine.

No, it's _amazing_ how fast the starter can spin an engine that has zero 
compression.  It's quite unmistakable.
Just a benchmark check - do you have something like an Aaron Bend-a-Light that 
you can use to illuminate inside the cylinders?  If you've had piston-valve 
contact, the tops of the pistons will have marks on them.

I seriously think this is lifter over-pressure.  With the oil drained out you 
should get compression back, but if the relief valve is jammed you'll get the 
problem right back when you refill the oil.  As others have said, it's probably 
a good idea to R&R the relief valve anyway.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club