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Re: Data Gen. Employees(?) and my web server

> Greetings,
> Although I'm sure Mark Nelson is thrilled at the popularity of his pictures
> posted on my web site, I am not thrilled about some recent activity.
> Specifically, the URL http://quattro.malebolge.com/audipics/ recieved over
> 1300 hits from IP in a 40 minute period.  I can understand
> how enthusiastic some people might be, but a hit on average every 2 seconds
> for 40 minutes?
> The IP number reversed to a hostname under Data General;
> hopeisland.webo.dg.com I believe.
> A fellow from "network control" is looking in to it, but it would be more
> helpful if someone on the list knows something about this.


Oops, that was me.

Many apologies. Looks like my PC using that bloody MS Internet Explorer
got stuck in a loop trying to access your site (I thought it was just 
hung). Is your site Java?? Back to Netscape for me I think.

Again, many apologies.

Chris Palmer (1995.5 S6 Wagon)              "Ashes to ashes,
Data General Corporation                     dust to dust,
chris_palmer@dg.com                          If Lillee don't get yer,
                                             Thommo must!"