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Re: Tribune review

Igor writes:
I later met himon a narrow twisty road on a dry summer afternoon and kicked
the living hell outta his blue propeller pride and joy with my 200. He did
not have any excuse then ;)

>Igor Kessel
>'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
>'98 A4TQ -- on an 18-wheeler
>Philadelphia, PA

Igor, take a gander at your sig. line.  Although I haven't had the pleasure
of riding in your 200 I have seen its profile in the Quattro Quarterly.  A
very nice car.  If I was there for the showdown with your friend I would put
all my chips on you as well.  You're driving a Kessel 200 not an Audi 200
;-).  (18 psi, full suspension, bypass valve, short shift mod, big wheels &
tires, etc.)  A more appropriate match-up would be a stock M3 or 540i or
lets up the ante - any one of those tuned monsters profiled in EC - Golf,
318, Jetta, Volvo.

89 200TQW