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first 20v questions

I'm ccing the qlist because there is some knowledge there that
may not be on the 20v list.  On the same subject, there has
been some speculation about the future of the 20v list now that
I have the CQ - put your fears to rest, things will only get
better from here on out, and there is plenty of work to do.
With finals over and 2 weeks to rest, I will be thinking hard
about the direction of the list (and 20v) and will have something
to discuss with everyone soon.  I'm also off to Puerto Rico 
on Wed, which should help recharge my batteries :)

OK, first 20v questions:

- the car runs great but surges.  I noticed it most on the highway,
at 80mph/4000rpm constant throttle, it feels like someone is
turning the gas on and off.  I suspected the TAP chip or a dirty
fuel filter, but my mechanic thinks it is emissions related
since he also heard it at idle (sounds like something clicking
on/off, you can hear air being sucked in via the cone filter).
Any thoughts?  Power is also not as linear as it should be - 
it almost feels like the car has a turbo that is spooling up.

- the front end shakes at 70mph and up, and also when braking.
The front tires are P600 H rated, which are wrong for the car,
and maybe out of balance (getting swapped soon) but is there
anything else that it could be, besides warped rotors?
Tie rods, control arms are pretty tight (again, I have yet
to get under the car).

- I'm getting ready to upgrade to euro lights.  If you want in on a
deal with lights and harness (not sure what yet though) let me know.

I'm sure there will be more, but that's it for now.


(as heard by the 968 that was tailing me late Friday night)

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