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Re: drinking Audi Kool-Aid

...much deleted...
> At the personal level, I found the quattro so much more sure footed in
> conditions I bought a second 5KTQ just so I wouldn't have to drive
> else when my daily driver has to have work done on it.  Understand, I
> like RWD, especially when connected to something like a 454 CID engine. 
> much easier to get the back end to swing around to power slide corners
> RWD.  It requires some self-education to re-learn how to drive AWD after
> a RWD power freak.  (BTDT, still learning.)  One of the biggest lessons,
> with Porsches, if make sure to keep your foot planted in the corners. 
> Unka Bart??  Jump in here and teach the mantras anytime now...... (Great
> BTW!)
> --ml
> Confused in Bucksnort

You can do very nice powerslides in (at least Torsen-equipped) quattros,
given a a high-enough power-to-coefficient of friction factor, or if the
factor is not to your benefit, induce it with a quick handbrake (it's not a
parking brake!!!) manouvre.  Even my at-present-only-150hp-A4q with its 17"
XM+S 330's is a hoot on the Finnish winter roads.  If I could give up the
dry handling and the looks for 15" or 16" wear and go with a studded tire,
I could literally run rings around everyone else...

As to the 911 experience, you will learn to respect your car after your
first forget-not-to-lift-off-during-a-turn experience, if you survive to
tell about it.  The 911 is not just about driving, it's a man and machine
interaction thing, it can be every bit as satisfying as spending time with
the oppsite sex (or if you are a peson of alternative lifestyles, I guess
that would be the same sex?), complete with sweaty palms and raised pulse. 
It will even manage to take care of your extra spending money. 

I've lifted in the q at high speeds and recovered in some fashion, but in
the 911 my recovery consisted of keeping out of the trees and on the
pavement, not knowing which way I had entered the turn if it wasn't for the
P700Z traces decorating the tarmac.  I don't think the Bob Bondurant School
of Trailbraking is recommended to those who have taken to the 911 faith...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
97 A4 1.8T quattro
89 911 Carrera 3.2

...waiting for this winter's Audi quattro Winter Driving School (Feb 16-17)