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Yet more stuff for sale.

I unearthed another pile of Audi crap that needs to go away:

2 sets of 4000 early style lamps
set of stainless bumper trim for coupe GT late model
Late 4000 front windows, 2
new rear bumper cover, 4000 Late style
new front bumper cover 4000 late style, scrathed up though.
two early front 4000s fenders.
several 4000/coupe hoods
two A/C systems off of 4000's
Three 5 cyclinder Quantums going to the squisher

And old stuff still for sale
Brand new two piece exhaust manifold
2.5 liter eurovan short block
second radiator off 80/90/coupe Q
set of radiator hoses for above
85 5000s turbo intake and throttle body
85 5000s intercooler with a hole
cyclinder head 85 5000s
several vacuum pumps and cyclinder heads for 4000Q/coupe
yet more crap being unearthed everyday

Best reasonable offer on all parts buyer pay shipping