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RE: Re: Aaaargh! Yet more damage!

Tom Nas <tnas@euronet.nl> replied, in part, to Dan:

<Is it possible to re-use my old lock tumblers with a new lock mechanism on
<my car, too, I wonder?

Yes, that is the easy part.  Just be careful changing them one at a time, 
cleaning up any excess grunge, and not losing the tiny springs.  Lube the 
assembly after it is assembled and a key is inserted.  You may need an outside 
retaining ring tool to fix the cylinder body into the cylinder frame.  

The hard part, for me at least, is getting one's hands up into the door, 
aligning the locking yoke, and sliding it up into the tumbler frame/door handle 
interface without dropping it or disturbing the alignment of the parts.  I find 
it helps to install the attaching bolt, but not tight.  (Note this needs a torx 
bit.)  It also helps to leave a key in the lock to have something to grab onto 
when the parts are accidently displaced.  Also be sure that the wire that 
attaches to the cylinder lever is resting toward the inside of the door; it is 
difficult to position it for attachment if left leaning toward the outside of 
the door.  Also, the wire that goes from the handle down to the latch mechanism 
has to be attached at the handle before assembly.

Don't forget to lube everything in the door while you are in there.  Feel free 
to pass onto the rest of us any particularly original comments you may invent 
relative to the mental status, heredity, etc. of Team Doorhandle after the first
hour you spend with your hands in the door.  (Note:  it may be easier without 
central locking.)  (Note 2:  The next time you do this it will take only half as

2 x 1988 90q