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Re: Valentine 1 upgrade $

At 10:27 PM 12/22/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Gang,
>  I was thinking of giving myself a V-1 with laser protection for Xmas.
>Best as I can tell they are the one to covet and I especially like the idea
>of upgrades to keep the piece current. What I was wondering, was if any of
>the listers have anted up for any upgrades that may have been offered since
>they purchased their unit and if so, what was the cost and how was the
>upgrade handled (i.e., did you have to ship it somewhere, etc.)?
>Rev. Mark Werner
>105 E. Third St.
>Jordan, MN 55352
>(612) 492-6035
>"Yeah, we can just add a heap of reverb in the mix."

I love my V1.  It has saved me many times.  As for upgrades, I bought mine
used from a co-worker because it is not cost effective to upgrade the unit
really.  He could sell it to me for very cheaply and buy a brand new unit
with rear laser protection (mine has everything the current model has
except rear laser) for less than it would have cost to upgrade his unit.
i.e. The cost of the new unit minus what he sold it to me for was less than
the upgrade cost by about $50!

I called the V1 people to discuss this.  A quote: "We recommend that our
customers who want ALL the current features just sell their old units and
buy new ones from us.  It's really not <price> effective to do ALL upgrades
to an old unit."

Good luck in your purchase and use.  They are the best out there.