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Tranny plug extraction

I've BTDT once and successfully extracted a da,aged plug. Here's how I
did it.	First I got hardened 17mm bolt with at least a 1/2 inch thick
shaft.  I use my grinder to cut two flat spots on either side of the
shaft about an inch from the head.  You can even cut two sets of flats
if you need extra grip.  Attach one or two big vice grips tightly to the
flat spots on the shaft, insert bolt head into plug and turn. If there
is any slop in the worn out interior of the plug, as you seem to
indicate, cut a thin piece of sheet metal about 1/4" wide and long
enough to go around the bolt head--bend it to fit tightly around the
bolt head so the corners are sharp.  Then re-insert bolt into plug and
then insert metal hexagon into the gap remaining around the bolt--tap in
tightly with a small hammer--that should do the trick. Use a small pipe
extension on the vice grip handle if you need more leverage.  HTH  Joel