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1985 4ksq, 182k miles, runs good, loaded, well maintained, $950 
(216)231-5599  Cleveland, Ohio.

1988 Audi quattro model 80, excellent, black/gray, asking $4,400   
(330)525-5541  Cleveland, Ohio.

1996 A4q, 5spd, loaded, meticulous care, $26,500              

1996 A4q, loaded, $26,500. Call Frank at (440) 944-1700 days.

These ads appeared in the classified section of The Cleveland Plain Dealer
on December 23, 1997. I am posting them for general interest and know
nothing about any of the cars besides what the sellers have written in the
ads. I will be in Cleveland this week and could make inquiry calls for
anyone. The '85 4ksq sounds like a bargain, might be an absolute dog. I
don't need a car, but someone might, and I like looking at old quattros
just as some people enjoy browsing in antique stores.

86 4kcsq