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re: Audi Kool-Aid

I find this notion that rwd is superior on the pavement silly. I've had
this argument ad nauseum with several other enthusiasts who always go
running to "if fwd was better they'd use it in F1".
I seem to recall Parker Johnstone doing rather well in IMSA's old sedan
series with essentially stock Acura Integras. Where were those BMWs??
I think the whole argument is based on the rwd camp's inability to see
that it's a matter of mastering rwd vs. awd vs. fwd.  I haven't driven
rwd cars daily since the early eighties, and find I have NO CLUE how to
attack a corner with rwd any more.  FWD, OTOH, is blissfully easy. I
have to say the simplicity of "point it and floor it" has saved my
inexperienced butt a few times.  I much prefer it. This is a large
reason while I'm still with Audi and haven't moved to WMB or B-M cars. 
Additionally, I am at a loss in an awd car when trying to slide one
around a turn. Seems like nothing works :)
Different strokes and all that. It's simply a matter of mastering what
you prefer. I still see the look on the face of the 325 owner that
couldn't stay with my 90hp Fiesta through the turns <g>!
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