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Re: Aaaargh! Yet more damage!

>But some of them are _very_ good.  We have lost several 20Vs and MBs to
>in the UK over the last year in circumstances that lead us to believe the
>were targetted and the thieves might even have known what brand and model
>immobiliser was fitted.  The key to this is killing the demand - most ur-
>quattros stolen in the UK are believed to be broken for parts.  Care when
>buying second-hand parts (especially engines) will spoil this business.

That's exactly what i've suspected: Whenever some security gadgets are sold
commercially, someone allways knows workarounds. Larger quantity gives
greater risk.

Call it paranoia, or general (dis)belief in human moral, i've allways
thought that the obvious NON-STANDARD "bug-off" flashing light (wich doesn't
have to be ugly), with immobilizer-interventions created by your mind in
your own "accent", gives more security than any known immobilizer.