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RE: 200q Body kit / spoiler manufacturer....

I would love to see photos Sarge.  IMO, the worst aspect of my car is that
ugly junk along the bottom of the sides.
Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ (bone stock exc. for hella XLs, relays and 80/100s)

At 11:22 PM 12/22/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I have a couple of mild but aesthetically pleasing 'skirt' mods on my 91
>(1) A rubber chin spoiler of unknown origin (prolly can be had from JC
>Whitney) that mounts nicely to the lower lip of the front bumper cover.
>I would expect to pay around $100. As it is flexible rubber it is
>entirely curb-proof. No worries, and better looks.
>(2) A set of side skirts made by GTO. I got them from AVS (perhaps also
>available in JCW, and BTW I've had positive experiences w/AVS). They
>cost $85 and must be cut-to-fit. I cut them so that they creat a flat
>side under the doors, something along the lines of the V8 and/or the
>newer 740 WMBs. They are flush with the underside as well. It all looks
>quite factory, not garish at all.
>The overall effect is a more aggressive look without going boy-racer. I
>also have larger 16" ACT LS mesh wheels which add a bit of a sporting
>air, but look like the factory wheels (including OE rings in the cap).
>All the above works on any of the 5k/100/200 cars 84-91. I've also
>installed different lights all the way around.
>I have photos+ scanner if anyone wants to host on-line photos. Won't be
>back on-line until 12/28
>91 200q
>86 5ktq