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PR Audis (was first 20v questions)

>> I'm also off to Puerto Rico 
>> on Wed, which should help recharge my batteries :)
>> <snip>
>> Really? I would not have guessed that Qs would be real big
>> down they-ah, ah-yup.
> Actually last time I was there I saw a Coupe GT which claimed
> to be a quattro.  Didn't have time to check, but I will if it
> is still around.  Plus our pal Julius is out there - are you 
> still on the list Julius?

Dan, I was down there for Thanksgiving visiting my parents and was
pleasantly surprised when I saw a few new A4's, and even one or two
A4q's.  I don't know if there is a dealership selling them or if they
were brought from Florida, though.

Beware if you rent a car and want to do some high-speed sight seeing. 
The days of the $15 speeding tickets are unfortunately gone ;(  It's now
a mandatory $50 + $5 for each mph over the limit.  They are also
enforcing at night.  Of course, you could just let them keep your
license and get a new one when you return saying you "lost" it :)  Then
again, being a tourist, you could probably talk your way out of it.

Most of the road construction around the Airport is finished, but it's
still a mess around the parking.  Old San Juan should be a lot less
crowded at night since a city ordinance was passed that prohibits open
containers of alcohol on the street :(  Off course, the entertainment in
the El San Juan Hotel, the Caribe Hilton, and the Condado Plaza should
be a good as ever.

Have a great vacation and a merry Christmas!

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq