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Re: Edmund's Review of A6

On Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:43:18 EST, Mike Veglia wrote:

>In a message dated 12/20/97 Fringe Ryder <fringe@ai.net> writes:
><<It makes sense for Audi to listen to me - I bought a new one,
>and will again when the S4 makes it out.>>
>That's nice...let's hope they listen. ;-)
><<But there's little incentive to listen to people who don't buy new cars,
>which seems to be about 70% of the list.  What's the margin in catering to
>used-car buyers, when you have to sell the car once first?>>
>I disagree. Those of us who buy the used ones are the folks who provide a path
>for the trade-ins and lease returns to be resold. If that is of no importance
>to AOA [ ... ]
><<What I'd like all you searching for the bargain 4000 or 100 to do is spring
>for a new car, but only get the sportiest A4Q stickshift with a sports
>suspension (sadly not announced when I got my car).  Vote with your wallets.>>
>Biting my tongue, er fingers, and trying not to get really bent, allow me to
>state that I BTDT times two (with AOA that is...I have bought other cars new
>also). As I have previously posted, I will never again be a new car customer

Chill guys. You both have good points. And there are other ways to look this
For example, it's difficult to vote with the wallet if your candidate isn't
Wouldn't buying an A6 increase the production of A6s more than that of S4s?
Although the qlist isn't exactly mainstream, AoA surely benefits in many ways
from our general promotion of the Audi marque and competitive image.
Trouble is, it's impossible for Audi bean counters to measure our value. I
wouldn't look for even a small nod of recognition from that direction. The
is we, as a group, are not a particularly attractive market. That's despite
parts bills.

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq (could have paid for a new S4 by now)