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Merry Christmas

In message <1D94A6F04B78D1119D5B0060979FBE9A01C2EE@A1> Aleksander Mierzwa writes:

> PS. My Audi just received very expensive Christmas gift today ;-) I
> ordered the new bomb at a local parts vendor on Saturday and voila  - it
> arrived today! I paid $270 for the part... that's what I earn in two
> weeks :-( Hope it will work good and last long. For anyone interested,
> the box shows that the Lemforder p/n is 617 550 004 and the Audi p/n 857
> 612 061C.

My new bomb is sitting on the shelf in the workshop.

We bought our daughter a mini-HiFi for Christmas (it cost half what the bomb 
cost - we're not rich either) so I might well spend some time in the garage if 
it stops raining (the roof leaks) over Christmas.

In the UK, it looks like Christmas is going to be wet and warm - 10C (50F).

The news includes the fact that Spam will no longer be made in the UK - 
Newforge has lost its Hormel concession to a Danish company - and Valued Added 
Tax (17.5%) will now _not_ be charged on blind people's white sticks.  As far 
as I can determine, turkey meat is still legal on the bone.

Car-wise, I'm taking stock of our 'new' 1986 Passat GL5.  It has a nasty habit 
of locking its lr under braking, and 'graunches' at the rr on a right-hand 
turn.  Plus both the power steering and coolant circuits seem to have very 
small leaks in them.  Should it _really_ have W6DTC plugs - the plug caps are 
held on only by gravity?

Best wishes to one and all.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club