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Re: My gas pedel fell off :( '91 200 Quattro

Hairy green toads from Mars made Macs rule; PCs drool say:

> The plastic 4cm x 9cm (approx) black textured gas pedal cover on my
> '91 Audi Quattro 200 fell off.  I cannot for the life of me figure out
> how those crazy Audi engineers got the pedel to stay on in the first place.
> I cannot find how it attaches to the gas pedel lever.
> I checked the Import Auto Chilton's guide at the library, but alas, they
> only cover things like fuel pressure, cylindar firing sequences and other
> nonsense without paying proper attention to important major Audi
> parts like tiny plastic gas pedel covers.
> Any help appreciated :) 

It happens. Mine fell off years ago. I don't even miss it.

There is a repair procedure somewhere in the archives.
Mike LaRosa wrote it.


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