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Re: BOSCH blow off valve

Sorry !
I simply forgot.
There has been a discussion on the list, regarding 2 blow-off valves in
parallel, affecting performance etc.

Maybe i misunderstand the term blow-off valve. It is the valve used to send
boost pressure back to the turbo intake when shifting gear etc. ?

I know that it can't be an alt source, as the original is BOSCH too, but
maybe it has a better flow..  ?

Merry christmas

    '87 200TQA

>I must be missing something...... Could you Please repeat the question?
>Alternative source to what?
>Explain, and I will do my best to answer,
>At 01:39 PM 12/23/97 +0100, you wrote:
>>But is it just an alternative source, is it cheaper, or...........is it
>>do tell, please..:)
>>Kenn Thyrsted
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>>Date: 23. december 1997 09:54
>>Subject: Re: BOSCH blow off valve
>>>Yes, it will work, Igor is been using it for a while and so am I.
>>>Somebody posted a list of part numbers some time ago (of the Bosch part),
>>>if you can't find it I might have it somewhere, let me know...
>>>Also Igor and I  have a post about installing it, slightly different
>>>versions, of the same idea,