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Automatic transmission types for Audi 100/5000 2.2

I have an Audi 100 (5000) 2.2E '87 with automatic transmission,
3-speed without lockup.

I have to find a new transmission, because the seal ring between the
transmission and the differential was defect, causing damage to both
parts. Apparently this is a common weakness on Audi.

I would like to find a transmission with a different gear ratio. The
one I have now is a type RDT with a gear ratio of 12:39 = 1:3.25. On
my other Audi (manual), I guess the ratio is somewhere around 1:2.7.
This car is very silent.

My questions are:
Are there any Audi transmissions (which fit on my car) without the
seal ring weakness?

Are there any 4-speed transmissions available?

Are there any transmissions available with lockup?

What are the gear ratios for the different types? If I ask at the
Audi-shop, they can find the ratio, if I know the 3-letter typeno.,
but they do not have a table with all transmissions. 

Allan Olesen

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