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Help ! WGFV - How does it look, FCO, and fault modes for boost-gauge.

Hi, all.

Experiencing FCO, maybe caused by overboost, AND having a periodically
malfunctioning WOT switch, i suspected the WGFV.

Tracing the vaccum hose from the WG led to --- NOTHING...

This *could* explain the FCO, - but at warmer temperatures i haven't
experienced FCO.  But also less performance, wich might be caused by the

Maybe i reached overboost due to the fact that the air is cold, and
therefore humidity is lower causing the WOT switch to engage fuel enrichment

BUT, I now have two (obvious) problems :

First:  How does the WGFV look like ?  I thought it was a small cylindric
valve placed on the firewall, with the word "DUTY SOLENOID" and the number
035 906 203 some-letter on it. But both the hoses are connected to some
other hoses..
Now, -as i understand the function of the WGFV, it switches between vaccum
(turbo intake) and pressure (intake manifold), wich gives three hoses. There
are only two on the darn thing.

Seccond: What is the most common failuremode for the boost-gauge. Could it
be causing FCO ?

TIA, and a merry christmas to y'all.

Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200TQ Avant