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Re: high idle

>vytas@email.nist.gov wrote:
>> BTW, the whole story began after
>> cleaning some connections with contact cleaner. Sorry to bother you one
>> more time. Merry Christmas to all,
>> Vytas
>Major clue!  When flying, if you move a lever, switch, ect.. and strange
>things happen, move them back to their original position! I would
>inspect those connectors and their sockets that you sprayed VERY
>closely, use a magnifing glass!  Recent contact cleaners that do not use
>CFC’s tend to leave deposits that can conduct! Inspect for anything that
>looks like a deposit or film that bridges the connectors. You may have
>to dissasemble the connector housings (if posible) to check this.
>Alcohol based cleaners tend to leave condensation residues in hidden

True True.  My friend is in the (very expensive) high end electronics
repair business.  He fixes $10,000 amplifiers, and $5,000 CD players.
Anyway he told me that nine times out of ten when a customer has sprayed
most of the easily available (Radio Shack etc) contact cleaners into his
unit, he is in for a very expensive repair.  Most of the time spend on
aforementioned repair is removing the contact "cleaner" which has left
conductive residue on the circuit boards and generally "gummed up the
works".  Reclean all those connections with isopropyl alcohol or
trichlorethylene and the problem might just disappear.

HTH Sandy