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Cam related questions

     I have just finished miking three cams from I-5 engines.  Two from '85
turbos, 1 from an '87 turbo.  The '87 measured about 1.343" across the narrow
side of the lobes and 1.455" at the tallest point.  The '85s measued 1.340"
narrow, 1.440" tall.
     It appears that the '87 cam gives more total lift than the '85 cams.
I've heard that the factory '89 turbo cams were better than '87.  Can anyone
cite any figures to confirm or deny?
     I am not currently equipped to check duration on these cams, but they
appear to be quite similar.

     I also compared the cam gear from the '87 with one of the '85s.  They
have the same part number stamped on them.  I aligned the keyway and looked at
the gear teeth.  The difference was half a tooth.  I guess if I had the
equipment to "degree in" a cam I could take advantage of this.  Is there an
adjustable cam gear like that available for VW's?  Any chance that an
adjustable VW cam gear would fit an Audi cam?

     Input appreciated.

     Still Confused in Bucksnort.