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Heater valve lifespan and happy holidays!

How long is the heater valve generally supposed to hang in there? I was
checking the oil among other things, noticed it seeping badly enough to
have lowered the level in the tank 1 inch in the last week. Yes, the hoses
are good and the clamps tight. It is, as always, an 87 5kt. Quick parts
run tomorrow morn before a 140 mile run over the river and through the,
well, desert. I replaced this one in June of 96 when the cooling system
was refreshed along with the T-belt. Do they only last a year and a half??

Happy holidays to the List. You've been so very helpful. I'm a job-seeking
recent grad running a vintage Audi as sole transit apart from a 1973 Vespa
resto project- I had it through college, I had to be resourceful (The
Audi, that is- the scooter is a recent insanity) and I couldn't have
afforded to run such a beast without this wealth of info.

My two cents on the dont-buy-new protest? Academic for me. Parts prices
are horrendous, but you've probably never had a Maserati Biturbo- $6,800
flywheel which is prone to cracking, for one. If I had the funds, I'd have
an A8q regardless of AoA's devious silliness.

Oh, and to anyone with a type 44 and DOT candles, Blazer foglights fit
perfectly in the turnsignal holes once you file 1/8" off either the light
or the bumper. Not fantastic lighting but good for the $29 I paid at Pep
Boys. I imagine that these are the same as the Camaro DLs Audidudi
mentioned-- because, a look into the nose of a C5 Corvette will show
Blazer projection beams! Wonder how GM arrived at this supplier???

Happy and safe holidays to all

and a clean dry road for the FWD 5k in southern AZ:)