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re: daily driver UrQ's

235,000 miles(200K + was put on by me) on the odometer.  actually, it
was one of the most reliable cars i owned after i replaced the fuse
block at 165,000.  not including the ABT upgrades, i only had to put
$600 into it.....not too bad.

Are you one of the PEP Boys by chance?!
200,000 miles of tires, brakes, belts, shocks, bearings,
oil and coolant, exhaust, etc for $600!

Now I know why Audi charged $30K + for UrQ's, they wanted their
money up front because of the low expected maintenance costs! ;^)

81 UrQ

Jealous & Wishing my UrQ costs were only within 10 times that much!

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