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'97 A4 for $7,800

While I agree with some of what Mike wrote regarding this car, suffice it to say there is NO better deal on an
Audi than finding one wrecked.  A4 parts can still be hard to find at good prices, but, if you have some
talent and patience, wrecks are the way to go.

Best place to buy is find someone that can buy direct
from the insurance lot, not usually re-sellers.

One word of caution on air bag damage.  Many times you will discover fractures in the dash where
a passenger side has blown.  Can later show itself
with squeaks, etc.  Be careful.  Find someone that
knows what they are doing if you don't.  Also, some
re-sellers have good title on the car, not always a 
salvage title.  Btw, if you are using your imagination,
you can get bank financing:)  'nuf said.

Hey, Happy Holidays!