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water pump replacement advice

>Hi Audi Fans,
>I am about to replace the water pump on my 87 5kcst, and I would like to
>do it by myself this time. I read the I5 water pump r&r procedures from
>Haynes. It said in order to take the water pump out, it has to remove the
>timing belt inner cover. That mean I have to remove the cameshart gear
>first. So my quesstions are ....
>Is that possible to replace the water pump without removing the timing
>belt inner over? The reason I ask this question is that I really don't
>want to alter the camshaft gear and the timing. I bet it will be tough to
>loosen the camshaft gear bolt and I guess I will probably slip the timing
>If the removal of the inner cover is a must, can anyone suggest me a good
>way to loosen the camshaft bolt without messing up the timing?


I don't believe it is possible to do without removing the cover but I'm not sure. However, it seems a shame to go to all the work to do the water pump and not do the timing belt. This is a "while-you-are-in-there-and-it-is-so-much-work-to-get-there-go-ahead-and-take-care-of-what-needs-or-will-need-replacing" situation. Believe me, you will save more time and dollars replacing the timing belt, and water pump at the same time. Just doing the pump is not good economy. The pump drives off the timing belt.

Just my .02