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Apology (of sorts), correction, invitation


OK, first, I apologize -- it appears that I'm not the only damn fool
trusting (well, counting on) an UrQ as a daily driver. The world (the
US and UK, anyways) is riddled with damn fools. I stand corrected.

Second, my UrQ WEB page pointer should have read:


(Note the capital "U" in Urq). Alternatively, go up one level to my


home page and just click on the UrQ page pointer...Hey, caveat emptor, 
doncha know!

Finally, I've gotten a fair number of emails suggesting that some
sort of local get-together is called for, so consider this the first
step in instigating some sort of semipseudoofficial UrQfest(*) gathering
in the NE region. I will even go so far as to volunteer my new home
in Nashua, NH as a gathering place (I've got *LOTS* of driveway/parking
space. Groan. I've got *LOTS* of 2-foot-deep-in-snow driveway/parking
space. So much for the 2-to-4 inches forecasts! Any good masseuses out
there?). Everything is still in boxes, but the fireplace works, and 
I've gots *LOTS* of wood to burn . . . I even have a sofa and a couple
of chairs to sit in and bask by the fire! So duke it out and select
a date and time. Next week. Next Month. I don't care, I'm easy (I am
*NOT* cheap, but I am easy).


(*)	UrQs not required, showing up in a Lotus will win you welcome
	too(**), as will showing up with a spare leggy blonde for me(***).

(**)	OK, OK, I don't care in what you show up.

(***)	Hey, it's the 24th, cut me some slack!