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Re: YAHOO!!! (Igor's new A4TQ)

> The Pearl Beauty is finally sitting in my garage, waiting for the
> champaine to be sprinkled upon (it helps to avoid accidents, otherwise
> how else could I explain the lack thereof so far? ;)
> It looks like I and Dan both have received the ultimate Christmas gifts
> -- a new Q.

I'm breaking out the virtual cigars at this very minute!

> My fist impressions of the new A4:
> 0. the A4TQ is a jewel. I am glad I did not go for a used '93 S4.
> 1. the 200TQ is such a technological dinosaur.

Yeah, but at this point, it's a fairly well-understood dinosaur.

> 2. the A4TQ is almost impossible to steer. The steering feel is  HORRIBLE!

Could this possibly be the OEM tires?

> 3. the incredibly light clutch and steering resemble those of a Honda.
> 4. the Sport Pkg is worth every penny.
> 5. the Pearl colour, although being quite girlie, in non the less gorgeous.
> 6. the leatherette interior, although not wanted, is quite passable.
> 7. I can't figure out where to put 3 gauges, a CB and an EQ for the Stereo.

Problems, problems! :-)

Happy Festivus!
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman      (dougq@iglou.com)
"The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away."  -Tom Waits