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Abt Instrument Cluster

Hi listers

I am trying to locate an Abt Instrument Cluster to fit in my 1982 Ur-Q that I am currently restoring here in Sweden. I know that this panel is used by some of you listers - anyone know where I can buy one? I don't need any instruments, just the 'plastic'. Who made them originally?

As a curiosity, I can tell you that I have seen similar setup in Police equipped Ur-Q when I was working in the United Arab Emirates - the Police in both UAE and Oman were users of the Ur-Q! These models though were special builds, usually without turbo, power windows and A/C. Why not AC you might wonder - simple, the police were not supposed to be sitting comfortably in one spot only. By forcing them to have the windows down to cool off it also meant that they did their job patrolling the streets... (anyone who has worked in the Gulf knows what I mean by this!).

Please reply out of the list as well as to the list.


Jonas Sultan

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