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gifts from the gods?

I guess the Audi gods didn't think it was bad enough to break my driver side
keyhole/locking mechanism 2 weeks ago.  Today at the company Christmas party
as I was pulling up to the valet parking attendant my 90q20v started spewing
coolant from a tiny crack in a hose.  And of course the repair is simple
enough but I just couldn't reach it.  After fiddling with some hose repair
tape and a screwdriver for about an hour I decided to call for help.  The
wonderful folks over at Audi of Downtown LA tranferred my call 7 times before
hanging up on me while on my cellular call asking for roadside assistance.  So
now my car is just sitting waiting to get stolen in not quite the best part of
downtown.  And my other Audi is parked 25 miles away at my parent's house and
I am without a way to deliver gifts and what not on this joyous Christmas Eve.
This must be that "alternate route"  that Audi was talking about in the late
80's.  Well, Merry Christmas!?

Jesse Almero, Jr.
South Pasadena, CA
'90 90q20v
'86 Coupe GT