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Re: Q Club USA member to visit UK

I think Dialynx is the one to visit. AM cars only supplies OEM parts.
You will go nuts from all the CQ stuff that Dialynx sells.
He owns Hannu Mikola's GrB car and is willing to Duplicate things from 
it. He will duplicate suspention assemblies, A arms and more. He also 
sells 4 pot break conversions. Don't totally duplicate old rally quattro 
roll cage. It has some good features, like the front sections. Modern 
designs are better in the back. The sad issue about QC rally cars is cost 
of replacement body work. Dialynx has wide frnder conversion kits which 
you may be able to duplicate in kevlar and have several sets ready for 
replacement. He also has conversion kits for coil over suspention that 
use 3.5" springs. They are better than 2.5" springs for rally. He may 
also recomend ratio and height. My fovorite items of his are his EFI 
conversion for 10V turbo engine and ERL water injection that he adapted 
for 10V turbo. He has larger radiators and a selection of intercoolers.
Another thing that he does, which I don't agree with, is his own short 
wheel base conversion. These dwarf cars look cool but must be weeker than 
original. Short cars were built for tight tarmak rallys. Non of his cars 
run them. I guess it is for apperance.
Another important thing is postive caster on front suspention. I think he 
can come up with offset subframe bushings and tell you how to move top 
mount back like works cars have it.
You may or may not be able to use all this great suff depending on what 
class you run.
Stay dry.
Mike Z