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Fellow Audians; as some of you may recall, on
12/26/96, my '91 200 TQW was totalled. As a "year
later" approaches, I'm back in a '"new" '91 200
TQW. It's been brought up to snuff; has been
chipped; and the eurolights should be in by
January. None of this would have been even
remotely possible without you guys. Seriously, it
simply could not have happened. How do you really
thank folks such as these?  Think about it!  (Oh
jeez, here he goes.....) This group knows few
boundaries.... we represent all sexes, many
religions, creeds, colors, countries, whatever;
all bound together by the four rings (don't worry
folks, he always gets a little weird and mushy
this time of year). Just allow me to send a
heartfelt thanks and Happy Holidays to the tenth
power to you all.