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A4 Stuff...Lots of it!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone,
	Ok, I am thinking very very strongly about getting an A4, Silver,
Sport Package, Quattro, 1.8t in about 2-3 months. (I've asked these
questions on A4.org but didn't get very many responses) The main factor
that will swing my decision to buy the A4 is the aftermarket stuff that you
can do to it, like bumping it up to around 245-280hp...I checked out TAP's
site, and it all looks cool, but I was wondering if there were any
alternatives to TAP, and if anyone had experience with upgrading their A4
to a speedy roadster. (Being an owner of an Eclipse Gs-t 95, I want a fast
car :D) Also, should I go with the sports package and then get new
suspension, or not go with it and get new suspension like something from
H&R or Eibach? Another thing, how will this affect my warranty? I've heard
varied responses, so I'm interested to see what your guys take on this is.
	Oh yes, one last thing, is upgrading the turbo really worth it? I
was checking out the TAP site, and noticed you have to upgrade the turbo
AND the headers (a very expensive operation, yikes!) to boost to levels
like 285hp...

Thanks in advance!

	Seth Banks, Turbo Fanatic!