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Re: '91 200 radiator removal?

> Also, is there a known all metal replacement radiator, or should I go
> with OEM plastic and metal?


I'm also curious about this. I just drove 1300km/h to get home for
Christmas. I had a long stage through hot country and at some point
I had to pull over for a while to let the motor cool from about 110
celcius to the normal 87. I then had to potter along at about 120km/h
constantly watching the temp gauge and backing off on any increase
in temperature. It got me wandering on what the best type of
radiator is for doing the best cooling job? Also, what is the best
additive for doing the best heat dispersing job in the radiator?

I understand that the radiator is a plastic and metal mixed
construction. Is an all aluminium radiator better at cooling and
dispersing heat from the water? Can a larger (wider radiator with more
coils) be fitted in the standard position? Would it be possible to
fit a replacement all metal radiator, that has a greater coolant
capacity, into the same position as the standard one?

What is the best radiator construction? More tubing coils? More fins?
More capacity?

Best coolant to use?

Sorry for buggering up this thread. But as far as your question goes
about the radiator removal, I don't see why the compressor has to
come out. I have a 1990 200t which I think should be the same as
far as radiator location goes. I am using the Haynes manual marked
"Audi 100 & 200 (100 up to 1990 and 200 up to 1989)". I don't think
the radiator/cooling system was modified for the 1991 cars. They don't
mention the removal of the compressor as the radiator lifts through the
the top of the engine bay. Here is the instructions straight from the
manual for five-cylinder engines:

	1. Disconnect battery  negative terminal
	2. Drain cooling system
	3. Undo retaining screws and remove radiator upper cowl (that
	   sheet of black plastic on the front left of the engine bay)
	4. Slacken clips and disconnect the top and bottom radiator
	   hoses and expansion tank hose
	5. Disconnect the wiring at the electric cooling fan and at the
	6. From under the car, undo the bolts securing the air deflector
	   cowl to the radiator, and the nut securing the lower
           mountings to their brackets
	7. Undo the upper mounting nuts and lift the radiator,
	   complete with cooling fan and cowl, upwards and out of the
	   engine compartment
	8. If necessary unbolt the cooling fan and cowl from the
           radiator, then unscrew the nuts and separate the fan and
	   and motor from the cowl.
	9. Refitting is a reversal of removal, but fit a new sealing
	   washer if the thermoswitch is removed.



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