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Re: Vehicle shaking on accelleration. CV joints???

Why not rebuild you CV joints?........all you need is new rubber boots a
little patience and some grease (synthetic or not I don't care!)....
If you do decide to go to a scrap yard, you also should rebuild the
joints.....(the scrap ones that is). It's a good idea to make sure that you
are installing GOOD joints..
BTW, CV joints should not cause the symptom you are describing (in an
extreme case maybe?..) may be you have a bent shaft,or a motor mount
problem or a drive shaft problem...

At 05:32 PM 12/25/97 +0200, you wrote:
>I left that awful little town up country yesterday morning at 6:30am.
>Got down to Cape Town by 6:30pm. Distance is about 1300km. Odd thing,
>the car says 9.5 hours travelling, it would have been less if I didn't
>run by the turnoff and had to travel another 160km to get back to it.
>That happens when you're flying along at a steady 160km/h. Anyway,
>finally got into the hot Karoo region and the car started to cook
>a bit, about 100 celcius on the gauge so I had to stop for a while to
>let it cool and then eased it on steadily until the weather got
>cooler and there were more long downhills. Odd thing, I was pottering
>along at about 120-140km/h most of the time the engine was hot (ie.
>running over 90 celcius and close to 100) and I was just getting passed
>all the time by Golfs, BMW, Audi, everything and they were all flying
>along at 160+. I've never had my car run 100 celcius before and was
>just wandering what other 200t owners consider "overheating". Would a
>good radiator flush help reduce coolant temperature? My coolant overflow
>tank is well coated in rusty scale.
>I'm now back at sea level after 5 months up country. When I got up
>there for the first time the car was thumping like mad as it was running
>very rich. So it was tuned up. Now I'm back down here and  the turbo
>is saying: "Damn, I love all this air!!" :) It is going like a mad
>Downside, everything sounds different down here now. On hard
>accelleration I used to get tremors from the front left of the motor.
>Now it is really hard  tremors that really send large vibrations
>through the car. The CV joints are recon'd ones, that's what the dealer
>did when I got the car from him.
>I was wandering if anyone ever used used CV joints as replacements for
>recon'd joints? I mean, taking the original joints from a, say, used
>or smashed Audi and fitting it into the Audi with recon'd joints. I was
>thinking of hitting the scrapyards while I'm down here, finding some
>smashed or old Audi 200 cars of the same year as my 200t and getting
>the old parts as my financing is pretty damn tight (about $200 for
>rotors, shocks, brake bomb, doors, locks, etc. etc. :-> )
>Another thing in South Africa is that Audi parts are twice as expensive
>as VW parts. This also applies to the VW Microbus parts, even though
>the I5 in the microbus is the same motor as the Audi I5. The reason
>I'm going on about this is that I was thinking of looking for the
>same CV joints from a VW Microbus. Supposedly the Turbo (200t) cars
>were fitted with larger CV joints than the NA I5 cars. The Microbus
>that got the I5 from Audi also got the larger CV joints. I was wandering
>if any VW/Audi tech or mechanic on this list ever uses parts between
>them as they are essentially the same parts. The name "Audi" here
>is German for "multiply  by 2 on sunny days, and 3 on rainy days".
>I have several pieces I am intending to get from scrapyards:
>	1. CV joints
>	2. (unwarped) rotors
>	3. T- or Y-joint for the crankcase/cylinder head breather
>	   system (is this the same on 1990 200 and 200t cars?)
>	4. window mechanisms for rear-right door
>	5. possibly lock mechanisms/central locking vacuum pump for
>	   rear-left door
>	6. rubber seal on front bumper
>	7. auxiliary water pump (but only if I'm  lucky enough to
>	   find a smashed 200t)
>So, anyone fitting old CV joints instead of recon'd ones? Anyone
>using the 2.5 litre I5 VW Microbus CV joints in Audi cars? (The engines
>are the same, just pointing in different directions. :))
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