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Brake bleed screw/UFO calipers.

After a long absence, I'm back on the list.  First, a very Merry Christmas
to all.

Naturally, I've got a question or two:

My parking brake wasn't fully releasing, so after some troubleshooting, I
replaced the rear calipers.  In the process of attempting to bleed the
front brakes, I did a very bad thing:  I sheared off the the bleed screw on
the front right caliper.

Any advice on removing the stub?  I have the UFO rotors on a '91 200, so
I'd rather avoid replacing the caliper.  I asked a repair shop (not a brake
specialist) about drilling it out and he said they aren't allowed to do it
--- TU(e)V, don't ya' know.  I haven't been able to find a broken
screw/stud removal tool  -- but I haven't looked very hard.  Are these
things effective?  Do they create much in the way of metal shavings?

The stub is currently being dosed with penetrating oil in a hopefully
not-so-vain attempt to release the threads.  If this doesn't work, does
anyone have a line on used UFO calipers?

Thanks in advance

Joe Yakubik