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Re: '91 200 radiator removal?

On Thu, 25 Dec 1997 17:53:10 +0200, you wrote:

>I'm also curious about this. I just drove 1300km/h to get home for
>Christmas. I had a long stage through hot country and at some point
>I had to pull over for a while to let the motor cool from about 110
>celcius to the normal 87. I then had to potter along at about 120km/h
>constantly watching the temp gauge and backing off on any increase
>in temperature. It got me wandering on what the best type of
>radiator is for doing the best cooling job? Also, what is the best
>additive for doing the best heat dispersing job in the radiator?

Well, if 130 km/h really was a problem with the standard radiator, not
one single Audi would be sold in Europe. 

In my experience, a standard Audi 100 2.2E is able to run 180-200 km/h
for several hours without cooling problems in normal summer weather. I
suppose the Audi 200 manages just as well.

Allan Olesen

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