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Head Gasket weeping (and now other tips)

Ref:  Your note of Fri, 26 Dec 1997 00:11:40 -0800 (attached)

Good tip.  Is 819 normally used for threadlocking, or is it something
especially for such gaskets?

Here's a couple from my box of tricks.

Tip #2:  When faced with badly rusted parts, soak them in ammonia (the
clear household stuff).  Many times you can disassemble by hand.  I now
routinely save muffler clamps and other "remove by destroy" components.
Put a drop on the part and watch it "wick in" after a second, then soak.
I think it's converting the ferrous to ferric or some such.  Any
chemists out there?  One time I used a gallon at once on a compactor
press, and whew! did the NH4 come rolling off as it worked.

Tip #3:  When assembling gasketed parts (especially with the thin fiber
ones), finger coat the gasket with RTV blue.  An extremely thin coat
makes gasket removal next time a breeze.  If assembling certain parts,
use a compound which states it is compatible with oxygen sensors.

Just a thought: did you have (own, borrow?) a wheel bearing press.  I
tried to borrow from someone last year, but time got short and I ended
up doing struts as well, so pressed the rears off the car.  Now I will
need to do a front on the coupe and may need a front on the quattro as
well, so am casting about for the tool again.  Last I knew, Stott had
it at Mt. Wash, and was mailing it off to somebody in FL.  Any clues?
Mail privately.

('86's:5ks&5ktq+'87CGT and others)
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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 00:11:40 -0800
To: Steinbru@vnet.IBM.COM
From: Avi <Avi@cosmoslink.net>
Subject: Re: Head Gasket weeping
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the reason I did not do it right away was, if nobody is interested why
bother?...but you are..
Before installing the head gasket put a thin bid of Loctite 819 on both
sides of the gasket, DON'T OVERDO it.....if you follow all other
instruction (installing the head gasket), it will not leak...
The Loctite stuff was developed by Rolls Royce and used to be called
Hylomar, apparently it was bought out by Loctite.
I used the Hylomar while working on engine development and on many, many
rebuilt, always worked...I belive this procedure was also re commanded by
VW Porsche magazine (European Car)