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UR-Q daily drivers

In message <199712261917.OAA01153@urq.East.Sun.COM> Robert Houk - SMCC Bos Desktop Hardware writes:

> My main point was that [I thought that] there would be very few people
> whose *ONLY* form of transportation would be an UrQ, as -- in *MY* ex-
> perience -- they are the most unreliable vehicles ever foisted off on
> an unsuspecting populace, and certainly not in keeping with the repu-
> tation of Audi.

I'm almost exactly on 4 1/2 years with my MB.  I bought it with 75360 indicated 
miles, and it now has 151200 on the clock.  It's broken down "en route" twice - 
once in Germany when the oil pressure sensor _AND_ controller broke at the same 
time, and once on the M3 when one of the infamous inlet manifold grounds became 
detached.  On both occasions, it was repaired on the spot - though not without 
a substantial delay to my journey.

It's been flatbedded once, when BR Motorsport trapped the reversing light wire 
in an engine mounting when refitting the transmission.  Without 'Stephen', the 
infamous blue/black circuit, most of the electronics dies.  I don't count this
as being the car's fault - Bernard had cocked up so many things that it took
Martin three days to find them all.

> >From many years of direct personal experience -- backed up by numerous
> posts here -- and from dealing with mechanics all over the US (whose eye$
> light up when they see my car), it is my considered opinion that anyone
> who *relies* on an UrQ [in particular, the '82-to-'58 vintage] as his
> (or her) *only* transportion is a damn fool.

Thank you for that vote of confidence.  If anything, I would have thought the 
82-to-85 machines _more_ reliable - the parts count is _much_ lower.

> I remain surprised at how many of us there are . . .
> Question for the Q-list:
>  Of those whose *only* vehicle/transportation is an UrQ, how many have
>  kids? (remember: the **only** vehicle; a wife with another car dis-
>  qualifies you)

April 1995 to October 1997 - me, wife, teenage son and daughter, two dogs.

We now have a second car - a 1986 Passat GL5.  So far, it's been more trouble 
than the MB.
Question:  The little posts that the door locks clamp on to have mostly
           lost their little nylon collars.  The posts can be loosened 
           to determine the exact fit of the door - can they be completely
           _UNSCREWED_ so that they can be replaced, or does the captive(?)
           nut within the B pillar fall down inside the pillar?  

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club