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Those door lock posts...

In message <199712262223.RAA23306@relay1.shore.net> "Paul + Pauline" writes:

> I am in the same situation... but I'm too chicken to unscrew them... Let me
> know how you get on...My guess is that the "captive" nut is spot welded to
> the B pillar. In theory it shouldn't drop to the bottom.  Another theory is
> that you can access the nut from behind the trim. I wonder how they get the
> Nylon collar on there in the first place... heat shrink or over-mold in
> place?

It's definitely _NOT_ welded to the pillar, because you can move the post in 
and out once it's loose.

> Question for you... regarding the removable sun roof of the UrQ... Do you
> know of any source of the plastic loops that are used to release the
> retaining / detent pins of the sunroof from the inside. 

Dunno.  Have to look up the part numbers.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club