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Re: Washington DC-Auto show and S4

Jonathan Linkov wrote:

> No, there wasn't one there!  But, I spoke to the AoA rep and he mentioned
> that there is discussion on bringing an S4 in as a loss leader, almost
> subsidized by Audi AG, because of the image they want in the US as a BMW
> fighter, particularly the M3.  The guy was a jerk overall, but his use of
> the word "subsidizing" was interesting.  Aside from that, the show was lame,
> nothing like LA or the NY shows.  2 A6, 1 A8, 2 A4, 1 A4 Avant and a
> Cabriolet.  Blah.....

Did he show you the new keys that come with the new audis.Looks like a swiss
army type setup. I fax I'd call it a small data pad, not a car key.

1990 CQ