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Key Codes on 92-94 100's

Hi gang, 

Happy Holidays!

Does anybody know if and/or where the master key code is on these
models. My "new" 94 100S Avant has only one key and its a copy. It works
in all key holes including the glove box so I know its the master, but
it's not a perfect fit like the origional should be in the
drivers/passenger door locks.

I tried getting the code from AoA, but they don't keep that data. The
dealer I got it from didn't have it (car came with current one key from
the auction) and the origional dealer who sold it new in '94, doesn't
have any record of it.  Sterio code, no problem!

I have been given three different responses from three dealers on where
the key code is located. One says on the drivers door lock, another says
on the trunk/hatchback door, another says nowhere because its on the
paperwork in the initial PDI, however, they didn't know if that was the
policy in 1994. Appreciate any help!

94 100S Avant