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RE: Slightly different Seat Heater Question

I'd guess either chromel or nichrome.  Both are good high temperature
wiring for heaters.  Both are very "silvery" in appearance.  Silvery as in
a highly polished tea service as opposed to silvery as tarnished old ring.
Single strand wire would tend to be too stiff but by braiding them into
multiple strands the flexibility will be much improved.

BTW, forget using ordinary solder.  Try silver solder or brazing or crimping.

At 11:46 AM 12/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I just fixed The Wife's driver's seat heat (87 TQW) and failed at trying to
>fix mine (88TQ). Mine worked for awhile and then failed again. Both had
>broken whars along the bottom side bolsters. Her's in like 8-10 spots
>where it looked like the thing was stitched improperly, mine looked like
>a piece of the wahr got too hot and caused an open. I will git back in
>there and try to fix mine again.
>Just out of curiosity, anyone know exactly what kind of wahr this is?
>It is silver in color and is very fine multistrand and has nice hi-temp 
>Teflon-like insulation. The conductor looks like it might be real silver, 
>but I doubt it.....
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