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Tuning richness/leanness of 200t...


So I drove 1300km (not  1300km/h as I mistyped in a previous message,
and yes, Jouko Haapanen, the door seals do whistle at that speed :)
but after 1100km/h they reach just burnt off so there was not much
I could do! ;-> ) from up-country down to seal level, a drop of maybe
a kilometer or so. When I first left Cape Town to go work in Welkom
in the Free State in South Africa I found my car bubbling a bouncing
and shaking about up in the high regions. I even got diagnosis for
a faulty valve and lifter. But one guy put the car on a dyno and
told me it was just runing rich. He then put it right for the spec
of 125kW for the car, so I guess he backed the gas off a bit. Now,
ever since I've been down here at sea level in Cape Town the car has
been going like a wild thing. It is loving all this good air down here.
Standing at a stop sign or robot or wherever has me fighting the beast
within as this thing just wants to go! It wasn't like this when I got
it some 5 months back here in Cape Town, but I have since fixed
some things including the wastegate vacuum line which meant when I got
it it was not doing the proper boosting. Also, I had to run 93 octane
fuel up country and am now running the 97 down here, all leaded of

So, anyway, I think the car is running a bit lean at the moment as I
am sure they had to back off the fuel feed a bit up country. I am
scared of lean running situations. Now that the car is wild and rabid
(and will be so for the next 2 weeks I am here) I have been pushing
it a bit hard (even on the bust CV joints, bad engine and tranny
mounts and bent driveshafts, whichever of those it is that is causing
all the vibration!) and would like to prevent any dangerous lean
condition when I really want it to move. The car is crazy all the way
up to 160km/h, but then struggles a bit and I am thinking it is because
it is running a bit lean.

I would like to tune it in myself. I have seen them do it on a VW
Microbus 2.5 motor, which is the same I5 motor with the same K-Jet
injection system. I would just like to found out the proper procedure
for tuning the richness/leaness of the system. How is it done? What
do I need to do it? (Simply a proper sized Allen wrench for that extra
bolt on the fuel distributor's top?) Which bolts to turn and by how
much and how do I know it is running proper without the use of a exhaust
gas monitor or dyno? The car has no lambda sensor and runs the K-Jet
injection system as all the other non-South African 200 cars.

I was hoping I could learn by how much to do the tuning and put simple
markings on the fuel distributor cap for when I'm up country and
down here.



"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200t) - now at sea level and going like a bat outta hell!!
                    Well, a lean one at least!
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