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Re: Vehicle shaking on acceleration. CV joints???

> Symptom of worn outer CV joints - clicking noise, starting when the
> steering wheel is turned, as the wear progresses, clicking when
> loading/unloading the joint as well.

No clicking as such. When accellerating I can turn slightly right and
off the driveline and the shudder will reduce.

> Symptom of bad inner CV joints (quattro : propellor shaft CV joints as
> well) - shaking on acceleration.
> Remember the inner CV joints are designed to allow lateral movement of
> the axle shaft, the outers are not, but are designed to run at greater
> angles of deflection.  Because of this, they show different wear
> symptoms.  I have never seen worn inner CV joints show any other
> symptoms (while driving) than shaking (or shuttering) on acceleration.

With the car in drive (auto tranny it is) and standard dead still there
is a bit of rumble going through the car. Could this be put down to the
CV joint or would the rumble (absolutely nothing compared to the
accelleration stuff) be from a possibly warn engine/tranny mount?
Would a warn inner CV joint that causes such shuddering also play
havoc with the steering? I can be driving along and the wheels will
decide to go opposite directions, so it will be a bit of a fight to
hold the car in line. Supposedly the steering thing could be my warn
shocks. (Damn, does anything work or last on my car?)

> BTW, most (all that I have seen) CV joints come with instructions that
> insist only CV joint grease be used.  CV joint grease is specifically
> formulated for its task.  It has a high lead contact to deal with the
> high pressures/low movement the bearings encounter.  I have not had as
> much durability testing experience of CV joints as the manufacturers,
> so I cannot dispute their recommendations. :)

The NAPA people stock lots of the stuff. I'd probably just grab any
make, not that I'd be the one to pull the CV joint and do the work as
I don't know what tools are needed and how complex the job might be
for my little, impatient brain.

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