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Steamboat event-possible reservations

Hello all,

      Seasons greetings!!

          Well after spending Christmas in beautiful Steamboat Colorado, I decided
that since I was there I'd check on a few possible places to stay for those listers/
members needing an idea on prices and such for the upcoming q-club event.
 I remember from years past some of the popular places that many have stayed
at before so I began by checking these first. Of the 6 places I checked, 2 of them
offered us a "quattro discount"  All prices are based on double occupancy with
two double beds per room unless otherwise stated. Prices are good for Friday night
January 30th thru Sunday night, February 1st. I'm sure other exceptions could be 

1) Holiday Inn (970) 879-2250
   $139 per night-ouch!

2) Comfort Inn (970) 879-6669
   $99 per night

3) Rabbit Ears Motel (970) 879-1150
  $109 per night, free continental breakfast,
    hairdryers in the rooms,etc

4) Super 8 Motel (970) 879-5230
  $58.50 per night-quattro discount

5) Nites Rest (970) 879-1212
$75 per night or,
$125 per night for 3 double beds

6) Nordic Lodge 1-800-364-0331
$76.50 per night -quattro discount
  So as you can see, Super 8 Motel, although it's no Ritz Carlton, is the
cheapest and the Lady I spoke with in person(Lynne) was very nice and willing to
give us a discount based on 3 rooms occupancy. Three of the six places are 
located within walking distance of each other (Super 8, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn)
and are also the furthest from town but close to the ice track. Most places would
like at least 1 week advance reservations but of course it depends on occupancy
at the time. So although I don't need a place to stay(relatives, and if it was up to
me I'd let all of you stay there in sleeping bags but it isn't up to me) I hope this
helps and I'll be willing to help coordinate everyone's plans through private
e-mail. Take care,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq
Colorado Springs, CO