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Re: Vehicle shaking on acceleration. CV joints???

>No clicking as such. When accellerating I can turn slightly right and
>off the driveline and the shudder will reduce.

Check your strut bearings.  If they are worn, the top of the strut can
wobble left and right as the car accellerates causing a vibration.  turning
will place a load in one direction and reduce the shudder.  it kinda feels
like ther wheels are out of balance except you feel the vibration through
the car floor and frame more than you do through the steering wheel.  you
can check this by jacking the front of the car up and grabbing the top of
the strut as high as you can and see if there is any play.

>With the car in drive (auto tranny it is) and standard dead still there
>is a bit of rumble going through the car. Could this be put down to the
>CV joint or would the rumble (absolutely nothing compared to the
>accelleration stuff) be from a possibly warn engine/tranny mount?

probably worn motor mounts if the vibration is worse in drive and goes away
in neutral

>decide to go opposite directions, so it will be a bit of a fight to
>hold the car in line. Supposedly the steering thing could be my warn
>shocks. (Damn, does anything work or last on my car?)

I presume you have checked your tie rods?

Scott McPherson
86 5kcs
MS-II  SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse