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Re: oil consumption puzzler

Shaun D. Mullen wrote:

> The rate and manner in which my '92 100CSQW is consuming oil is puzzling
> to this novice.  The vehicle is closing in on 200K and is beginning to
> go through some oil, certainly a manageable amount at this point.
> Here's what's puzzling: The V6 is consuming some oil on my usual grind
> -- 100 mile daily commute, about 700-800 miles a week of stop-and-go
> local and freeway driving -- but is consuming practically no oil at all
> on long drives such as a 550-mile, one-stop trip yesterday through
> tidewater flats, hills and some low mountains.  What explains this?
> (Incidentally, gas mileage on the longer jaunts is spectacular,
> averaging 25-27mpg.)
> Shaun Mullen
> West Grove, PA

I'd bet the oil is comeing down the valve guides.
Do you get smoke when takeing off from a stop?

1990 CQ