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Re: Sport Conversion in Mag.

Hulda Jowett wrote:
> > Has he cracked the AWD problem yet?  I gather the first one he did became FWD
> > only in the process.
> It makes no mention of problems... claims to be AWD.
> >
> > Given Walter Rohl's comments about the Sport, the utter absence of rear seat
> > passenger capability (one of the ur-quattro's greatest strengths) and the
> > intercooling problem, I wouldn't have thought it worth doing.
> >
> > Now _stretching_ a genuine Sport - THAT might be worth doing ...
> Mmmmm, definetly!
> Later,
> Brian

As I said here before I think his cars have weeker shells than originl coupes 
he starts with. The original purpuse of short wheel base was to be more 
competitive in tarmack rally events like San Remo. Back than transmission 
technology was primitive and they did't have clutch packs in the back to 
disconnect rear wheels from the trans and simultaneously lock them to do a 
quick 180 like a 2 wheel drive cars. Quattros would slide around by 
application of power and that was tough in a long wheel base car on tight 
When I saw Dialynx cars(one finished and one in progress) I wanted to ask him 
to send us what he cuts out to shorten them. We could use that to build 
UR_Q limos. What would the father of all UrQ surgry (Mr. Tresser) say to that?

Mike Z