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UFO's and Control Arm Bushings

Ok folks, I have searched the archives for "UFO" and read every post.
Yikes, I am a q-head. 

I am trying to find out if anyone has actually replaced their control
arm bushings to eliminate steering wheel shimmy on a UFO equiped Q. I
get no noticeable brake pedal vibration during braking while the
steering wheel is shaking. Terry Grosse at KVR suggested that if you
have no bounce in the pedal, then the problem is not the rotors. I don't
have a dial micrometer to measure the runout on the rotors, but visually
it is less than I have seen on other cars that had no shimmy. If I kick
the treaded part of the front tire 90 degrees from the gound, it
bounces/oscilates in a front to back direction a few times about a half
to quarter inch. I think when the brakes are applied the car is
oscillating between toe in and toe out. Does anyone have any datapoints


For reference I lifted this from an archive post which quotes Bentley:
There is a section on "Steering Wheel Shimmy During Braking", it has
things you can do to fix it (they are outlined in this order):

1. Remove wheels, disconnect brake pad sensors, remove front pads,
calipers, but do not disconnect.

2. If you have less than 40K on your car, inspect the inner and outer
control arm bushings for cracking, splitting and deterioration.

3. Replace as necessary.

4. If you have more than 40K on your car, replace both front inner and
outer front control arm bushings.